Hi, I’m Mary Kate

and I believe that

Art + Science = Power.

I am an interdisciplinary student taking classes in the Fashion, Designed Object, and Art & Technology departments. I am also a transfer from RISD and a “super duper senior”.Throughout my higher education I have bounced back and forth between the fine arts and natural sciences–specifically film, ecology and marine biology. In addition, I SCUBA dive, ride motorcycles, and have a dog named Huck.

I spend a lot of time thinking about modern society’s nostalgia for a romanticized, more “natural” past world as well as our apocalyptic fears for the future. I think of the present as the place where history and the future intersect, how exciting/terrifying! I enjoy combining historical and futuristic aesthetics into my work.FUCK OFF 2.0


I am taking this class because I believe that technology should respond to the user a little more, as opposed to us always responding to it. I am interested in the use of biometric and environmental sensors to create devices that are sensitive to the user and the world around her, and can thus enhance her life instead of constantly distracting from it. I am also excited by augmented reality, though that stuff feels beyond my scope at the moment. The mind boggles at the many possibilities and I have many ideas! At the same time, I am increasingly concerned about privacy and ethics. As we become cyborgs and translate our identities into data, how do we maintain our individual human rights? 

This semester I am hoping to create a corset with electroluminescent wire boning that pulses in synch with the wearer’s heartbeat. Eventually, however, I’d like to design functional specialized gear to maximize efficiency and safety of SCUBA divers, motorcyclists, extreme athletes, researchers in the field, and other wunderkinds.

I am looking forward to getting to know all of you!

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